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Updated Feb 2020

Policy Overview

This website is operated by TransFlo Instruments Limited and whose registered address is TransFlo Instruments, Unit 6 Rose Lane Industrial Estate, Lenham Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 2JN We use minimal Cookies on this Website to assist in performance. By using this Website, you consent to the use of Cookies

What are Cookies

This Policy outlines what Cookies are, how TransFlo Instruments uses Cookies as part of its service and how any Third Party may use Cookies. We don't use Cookies to obtain any personal information and they are used to tailor your experience whenever you visit our Website.

Cookies are small pieces of text that are transferred to your Computer, each time you visit a Website. It is stored in your Web Browser and allows our, or third party services to recognise you computer, enabling your next visit to be easier and for the service to be more useful to you. In addition, third party services use Cookies to report statistics for use of the service for analytical purposes.

If a cookie does not contain an expiration date, it is considered a session cookie. Session cookies are stored in memory and never written to disk. ... If the cookie contains an expiration date, it is considered a persistent cookie. On the date specified in the expiration, the cookie will be removed from the disk. TransFlo Instruments use both Persistent and Session Cookies

How TransFlo Instruments uses Cookies

TransFlo Instruments use Cookies to ensure the efficient running of our service. This includes, Load Balancing, optimising the response rate between the visitor and the ite, by distributing traffic on multiple links and servers.

In addition, we use Cookies that are essential for enabling basic navigation functions and access to secure areas. The Cookies that we utilise on our site also generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website and to identify the devices that are used to access the Website

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