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TransFlo provide “Whole-Fleet” Fuel Management to the Ministry of Defence, world-wide. We introduced the Ground Fuels Management System (GFMS) into the Tri Service domain (The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force & The British Army), introducing industry best practice combined with a very complex and diverse set of operational procedures. We currently ensure the security, access control and reach, of timely Management Information (MI) to Joint Force Commands to assist in strategic decision making and critical planning.

Ministry Of Defence

TransFlo provide accurate "Always-Available" refuelling capability to our UK Armed Forces within the UK and the around the world. Operating in often very challenging envioronments, our systems provide local refuelling capability and management accounting whilst providing timely up-stream Management Information to Command Head Quarters.

This extends to over 160 locations around the world, delivering the ability for our Armed Forces to operate effectively and efficiently in very challenging environments. TransFlo systems integrate fully into the wider Central SAP R3 Inventory Solution to ensure data accuracy and availability of high-value assets.

In addition to delivering secure and accurate capability to our Forces, TransFlo undertake a range of projects to design, implement and maintain facilities. Assisting in requirements definition and staged project delivery, we work closely with MOD Logistic Specialists to respond to the changing environment and pressures that are unique and often complex.

Robust Rugged Dependable - Automated Fuel Distribution Systems

All our systems are designed with environmental use in mind. The Automated Fuel Distribution Systems deployed throughout the Ministry Of Defence are subject to a range of testing conditions in remote areas and have stood the test of time. Construction and Maintenance is the key to long system life and many of our systems are in their original enclosures, 30 years later.

We have Fuel Management Systems deployed in a range of challenging environments, including the heat and humid conditions within the Sovereign Base Area (Cyprus) and the other end of the scale in the wind blasted and freezing temperatures of the South Atlantic Falkland Islands, delivering local fuel management capability as well as timely and accurate Management Information (MI) to support strategic decision making and operational planning. Many of our systems have been in place, supporting operations for many many years and we pride ourselves in our ability to not only provide the equipment and service but also in our ability to be out to those operational areas in the shortest possible time to ensure continued capability. With a great number of our team, from management down to on-the-ground engineers being ex-forces and from the Logistic area, we are able to apply our first hand experiences to literally every practical issue.

High-Demand, Always-On 24/7 TransFlo Fuel Management Systems are deployed across the world, providing secure, 24/7 capability and monitoring, recording and accounting for fuel issues into Logistic Support and Armoured Vehicles. With no room for error and an unparalleled need to achieve maximum availability, night and day, we are up-to the task. Below you will see just an example of the vehicles that use TransFlo Systems to remain operational. There is no susbstitute for a "proven-track-record" and we have been dedicated and committed to our Armed Forces for well over 30 years.

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Foxhound At A Glance

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Challenger 2 (CR2)

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Challenger 2 At A Glance

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Close Support Tanker

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UK Emergency Services

TransFlo have Fuel Management Systems integrated into our UK Emergency Services business functions. Police and Fire Service vehicles have a very challenging role in society and must be equipped and ready to move to action in the shortest time possible.

With TransFlo PumpManager systems deployed, TransFlo ensures that these critical services are capable and able 24/7. Our deployed systems allow for cross refuelling and reporting between emergency service teams spread throughout the United Kingdom

This is again a high-demand, Always-On environment where availability is crucial in delivering fuel to support potentially life-saving operations. Cross refuelling between organisations gives the Emergency Services the ability to allow outside entities to refuel, whilst controlling all stock assets.

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UK Police Forces

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Fire & Rescue

Industry Leaders and Logistic Excellence

We boast a long and prestigious list of long-standing clients that we have worked closely with to develop and deliver industry best practice Fuel Management Systems. Ford at its busy Daggenham Plant use a range of our systems to assist in their complex operations but we also cater for smaller SME and agricultural businesses so you can see, depending on your requirement, that TransFlo will have an end-to-end solution to fit, which provides the control, security and management of your valuable liquid assets.

If you would like any assistance or to discuss your requirement, please Contact TransFlo