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Ministry Of Defence


TransFlo are sole providers of road-going and plant fuel management systems to the UK MOD. We have implemented a complex, interconnected Ground Fuels Management System (GFMS) to over 150 locations around the world, including the UK, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands. TransFlo were selected to support all three armed services, The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force and The British Army and to implement a system which aligns common business processes with industry best-practice, combined with centralised management and integration with SAP R3 Oil & Gas. With over 20 years experience of working alongside the Armed Forces, TransFlo have developed a system which combines durable and robust hardware and business critical data analysis tools that ensure our forces are kept moving in the most extreme environments.


Shell UK Research Facility


TransFlo PumpMaster is implemented at the SHELL UK research facility in Ellesmere Port. This is a multi-site deployment that controls and reports on a 24 pump and tank configuration. Supporting cutting-edge research, TransFlo systems are constantly monitoring accurate refuelling transactions and producing up-to-the-minute management information for analysis. Our systems are providing reports that support and inform important business decisions that can offer your business the competitive advantage that will drive your operations both efficiently and effectively.



Ford Motor Company


With large scale fuel management systems at major Ford plants such as Dagenham and Dunton, amongst many more, TransFlo have implemented SMART technology and transparent vehicle recognition in support of refuelling operations. Ford have chosen our advanced vehicle loop system as automated vehicle recognition, linked to TransFlo PumpMaster, which delivers accurate refuelling data, on-time, every-time.

UK Police Service


TransFlo also have fuel management systems deployed at many National Police locations, which authorise, report and manage, all refuelling transactions. These include our ground-breaking PumpManager systems, which offer real-time data capture and reporting, via the latest wireless technologies and Local Area Network (LAN) integration.


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