Fuel Monitoring/Management Systems and Software for vehicle refuelling. Fuel Pumps Fuel Tanks and Maintenance Services. Fuel Dispensing Systems for vehicle refuelling. Fuel Management reporting software for fleet management. TransFlo Instruments Limited was formed back in 1977 as a result an existing gap in the fuel management industry.  We soon evolved as true market leaders, with the production of the UK’s first software driven fuel monitoring system.  With subsequent appearances on Tomorrows World, we soon launched the first truly PC compatible fuel monitor. TransFlo have remained an independent and progressive company who design, manufacture, install and maintain our comprehensive and effective fuel monitoring systems.  We are proud of where we are now and are equally proud of the build quality and reliability of the products and services that we provide. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver real competitive advantage to those companies who choose TransFlo to assist in their fuel management function and work hard to ensure that you, the client, receive the dedication and commitment that you deserve. Don’t just take our word for it, ask the professionals.  Since 1988, TransFlo have been selected by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) to supply fuel management hardware and software and in recent years we have partnered the MOD in delivering radical changes to their logistic supply chain through best-practice.  TransFlo Fuel Management Systems are deployed all over the world, producing timely and accurate information, to the right place at the right time.  All on robust hardware that has been designed and built to last. Our commitment does not stop there.  We conduct extensive research and development (R&D), to ensure that our systems are at the cutting edge of technology and that where possible, emergent technology benefits are passed to you, the client.  You need only look as far as our Product pages to see how these emerging technologies are shaping the industry.  Recent additions to our extensive range include, Smart V-Tag and Smart AVR technology, which offer transparent refuelling operations whilst still capturing vital data at the point of consumption. Be confident in your decision to choose TransFlo.  Unlike many of our competitors, we deal solely with fuel management and monitoring systems and when you add to that, the fact that “we have been doing this a long time”, “we are still doing it now” and “we will be doing it long into the future” with many of the staff that formed TransFlo over 30 years ago, you can be sure that your choice was the right one.

TransFlo fuel management systems are at the cutting edge of industry technology, offering your business the ability to analyse vital fuel management data and statistical information at the click of a mouse. Integrate one of our many Automated Fuel Dispensing Systems (AFDS) into your existing fuel dispensing pumps and tanks and benefit from secure, efficient and accurate monitoring of your entire refuelling operations.  “Accounting for every drop” is our promise, with a detailed suite of reports for every eventuality, combined with a user-friendly software package that is intuitive and capable of managing your entire fleet.  TransFlo also offer proven and reliable interfaces to common fleet management packages such as SAP R3 Oil & Gas, Tranman, and Fleetmaster etc. TransFlo's new SMART systems (Secure Monitoring with Automatic Recognition Technology) remove the need for cards, keys, fobs etc.  An example is the V-Tag nozzle mounted radio tag reader. The tag is simply attached to the vehicle and read only when the nozzle is in the tank. This highly secure transparent method requires no additional activity for the driver, other than to fill the vehicle. As a business customer you can benefit from TransFlo fuel management systems and join an extensive and prestigious client list that include the largest fleet operators in the United Kingdom, including complete coverage of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) world-wide, Shell UK research facility and Ford Motor company test facilities around the UK as well as the national Police services. You can have complete confidence that TransFlo fuel management systems are of the highest quality and are built to last having been implemented into extreme and testing environments.

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